How to Make a Videoke in PowerPoint 2007

By Regina Edwards

PowerPoint 2007 contains enhanced functions to simplify creating a multimedia presentation. The sound and graphics capabilities and features in PowerPoint 2007 enable users to build creative slide shows, such as a "videoke." The elements of a videoke contain the same components as a PowerPoint presentation, but with the added controls for animated captions and automated slide advancing in time with a musical soundtrack. Motivated PowerPoint users and karaoke enthusiasts can expand an MP3 karaoke library with a visual component of customized slide shows for parties and social events.

Things You'll Need

  • Song lyrics
  • MP3 karaoke file
  • JPEG picture files

Step 1

Launch PowerPoint, and confirm that a window containing a blank slide presentation opens.

Step 2

Click the "Layout" button under the "Home" tab in the top menu bar, and select "Title Slide."

Step 3

Click the center text box, and type the title of the song.

Step 4

Click the "New Slide" button under the "Home" tab, and select the "Picture with Caption" layout.

Step 5

Select the box marked "Click to add text" at the bottom of the slide.

Step 6

Type the first part of a line of lyrics.

Step 7

Click the "Custom Animation" button under the "Animation" tab.

Step 8

Click and hold the "Add Effect" button, and select "More Effects" under the "Entrance" category.

Step 9

Select the "Color Typewriter" option (under the "Subtle" effect category), and then click "OK."

Step 10

Select "After Previous" from the drop-down menu next to "Start" in the right-hand "Custom Animation" frame.

Step 11

Click the icon in the center of the main box marked "Click icon to add picture," and select the desired picture file before clicking the "Insert" button.

Step 12

Repeat steps 4 through 11 until a presentation with all lyrics and pictures is prepared.

Step 13

Navigate to the first slide (the title slide).

Step 14

Click and hold the "Sound" button under the "Insert" tab in the top toolbar.

Step 15

Select the "Sound from File" option, and select the desired karaoke file before clicking "OK."

Step 16

Click the "When Clicked" button at the prompt to set how the song will start playing.

Step 17

Click the "Custom Animation" button on the "Animations" tab, and select the sound file from the list in the right-hand frame.

Step 18

Double-click the item, and click the "Effect" tab in the dialog box.

Step 19

Click the "After" option under the "Stop playing" section, and then type "99" in the field between "After" and "slides."

Step 20

Click "OK" to save these settings and close the dialog box.

Step 21

Select "Slide Sorter" under the "View" tab in the top toolbar (or click the Slide Sorter icon containing four squares in the lower-left corner of the slide window).

Step 22

Press and hold the "Control" key and press the "A" key to select all slides, and then click the first slide (title slide) to deselect; release both keys.

Step 23

Select the desired transition effect under the "Animations" tab in the top toolbar.

Step 24

Click the box next to "On Mouse Click" to deselect the option (i.e., clear the check box), and click the box next to "Automatically After" to set automatic slide advances.

Step 25

Type the desired time, in seconds, in the field next to "Automatically After," such as "10," and then click the "Apply to All" button.

Tips & Warnings

  • Set a master slide layout containing the desired slide theme, font, color and size for the "Slide with Caption" through the formatting options. Access the master slide layout under the "View" tab in the top toolbar.
  • Adjust the timing for each slide transition by selecting "Rehearse Timings" under the "Slide Show" tab and adjusting the timer in the upper-left corner.
  • Save the original presentation file as a PowerPoint file that can be modified, and then save another copy as a PowerPoint Slide Show through the "Save As" function in the Microsoft Office Fluent ribbon to create a videoke.