How to Make a Well Organized Schedule on Excel

By Kara Page

Excel, one of the programs in Microsoft's Office suite, is commonly used for creating spreadsheets, calendars and schedules both for personal and professional use. No matter what your schedule is for, Microsoft has a template you can use within Excel to help make your schedule well organized. There is a variety of schedule templates to choose from, so you can find one that best suits your needs, then customize it further as you enter your scheduling information.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Excel on your computer. Click the "Office" button (or "File" for those using a version of Excel prior to 2007), and click "New." Select "Templates," then type "Schedule" in the search field.

Step 2

Click on any template to preview it and see if it is the best schedule organization option for your needs. Click "Download" next to the template you want to use, and it will open automatically in Excel.

Step 3

Edit any of the text in the columns and rows to customize and organize your schedule. Select the cell with data or text you wish to change and type the new text as needed. Highlight the text and select rich text options, such as bold and italics, in the toolbar to make that text stand out. Click "Fonts" to select from various font sizes, styles and colors.

Step 4

Color-code your rows and/or columns, which can help your schedule appear more organized and help you find certain information at a glance. Highlight a cell, row or column, and right-click. Select "Format Cells," then select "Patterns." Click on a color and click "OK."