How to Make an Advice Website

By Meg Jernigan

Once you've learned the basics of creating a website, making a site for giving advice is a simple matter of including things that your site's users will find useful. Before you begin, decide on the tone you want to take. If the site deals with serious matters, keep it sober and professional. A more light-hearted site will benefit from humor. Put a human face on your advice by making yourself accessible to your visitors. Keep the website fresh and lively by adding content regularly.

Step 1

Create a home page that clearly states what sort of advice you're qualified to give. Use photos and other imagery that reinforce your theme. Keep it uncluttered so it's easier for any visitor to navigate.

Step 2

Provide your biography and credentials on another page. Include testimonials from other professionals in the field and from happy visitors to your website.

Step 3

Open up forums for your visitors to post questions, discuss their experiences with the topic at hand, and create a sense of community. Moderate the forums and remove objectionable material.

Step 4

Make a contact page and list your email address and any other forms of contact you use, such as a mailing address or telephone number. If you see advice-seekers in person, put a map to your location on the page.

Step 5

Link to articles elsewhere on the web that are appropriate for your visitors. List books that augment your advice.

Step 6

Create a web store if you have books, tapes or other items you want to sell. Choosing PayPal as your preferred payment method will make ordering easier for your customers.

Step 7

Write a blog. Keep it current, interesting to read, and relevant. Don't wander off-topic into discussions that aren't related to your site.

Step 8

Join a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace. Link to your website and populate your networking page with material that relates to your site.

Tips & Warnings

  • Generate traffic for your site by using keywords that show up in search engines.