How to Make an Arrow in Excel

By Danielle Cort

Whether you are creating a flowchart, a graph or simply want to point to an interesting piece of data in a cell, an arrow can make your information more noticeable. The latest version of Excel offers different types of arrows you can add, from thin, single line arrows to thick and curved arrows. Once you make an arrow, you can customize it to meet your needs.

Step 1

Open an Excel spreadsheet.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab on the ribbon and select "Shapes."

Step 3

Select an arrow from the list. You can choose a thin, line arrow or a thick, block arrow. Your cursor will become a cross. Click and drag the cross to expand the arrow to the desired size on your spreadsheet, moving the arrow as necessary to exactly where you want it.

Step 4

Click the arrow to select it and click a function in the Shape Styles to modify it. You can change the color by clicking "Shape Fill," change the outline by clicking "Shape Outline," or add effects such as glowing edges by clicking "Shape Effects."