How to Make an .EDU Email

By Mark Robinson

Email addresses at educational institutions often end in the ".edu" domain address. Students and faculty usually receive an email account with an address ending in ".edu" after enrolling in classes or upon being hired by the institution. These accounts can be used to conduct correspondence with other students and faculty throughout the university, or to take advantage of programs and discounts offered solely to those with ".edu" email addresses.

Step 1

Log in to your institution's Web portal. Follow the student or faculty email links located on the page.

Step 2

Complete and submit the application for an ".edu" email account to your institution's information and technology department. You will need your student or faculty identification and the password or PIN used for your Web portal access.

Step 3

Write down the new email address and password/PIN for future reference. Log in to your new email account using the institution's Web-based mail service or follow the institution's instructions for setting up the new account with Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird or another service.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some institutions create and activate your ".edu" email account upon course registration or employment, while others require student or faculty signups.