How to Make an Invisible Folder on a Laptop

By Kelly Thomas

A hidden folder on your desktop can protect private files. It does not matter who you are: teenager with a journal or a businessman with important company info. The invisible folder on your laptop will help to keep your secrets hidden.

Step 1

Right click on your desktop; go to "new," then "folder." Right click on the new folder, then go down to rename. Delete the title of "New Folder," making sure you do not hit enter. Make sure the Num Lock on the laptop is selected.

Step 2

Holding down the Alt key you will also need to hold the FN key and type the numbers "0160." These are over the letters m, j, o, m. Let go of all of the keys and hit enter. Holding the Alt and typing those numbers will name the folder as a space, pretty much giving it no name.

Step 3

Drag the folder to an area on the desktop where you will always know where it is at. When it is invisible, it might be hard for you to even find it. A good area is the top right-hand corner of the desktop.

Step 4

Right click on the folder and go down to "Properties." Click on the tab at the top for customize, and then go down to the button for change icon. Look through all of the folder icons available, and you will come to three or four that are invisible. Highlight one of them and click "OK." Now you will need to click on "apply," then "OK." The folder is invisible now. When needed, you can find it with your mouse by going over it and it will light up.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure auto arrange icons is not on.
  • This is not a secured file folder. It is just invisible to snoopers.