How to Make an iPad Hotspot

By Emile Heskey

Over 1 million iPads were sold in the first weekend of their release in April 2010, and sales have remained high. One desirable feature of the iPad is the ability to create a wireless hotspot, using the MyWi application. Although the MyWi 4.0 costs $19.99, if you are upgrading from a previous version it is $9.99. Installing this software enables you to link as many devices as you wish to the WiFi.

Things You'll Need

  • iPad
  • MyWi application

Step 1

Download and install MyWi onto your iPad. After installation, open the program. Set up a security system for your WiFi by pressing "WEP Security" and selecting "On."

Step 2

Choose a password for your network (which prevents others from being able to access your WiFi).

Step 3

Set the button that toggles "WiFi Tethering" to the "On" setting. If you wish to conserve battery on your iPad, you can select "Status Bar Icon" as your "In Use Indicator." This uses no battery power, meaning that you can avoid charging your iPad for longer.

Step 4

Connect other devices to the wireless hotspot by inserting the password you have set up.