How to Make an ISO File Bootable

By Elvis Michael

When you copy the contents of a CD or DVD, all data is stored as an image format such as "ISO." An ISO file is essentially a compact disc's exact replica. Once this data is stored under such format, it can no longer be bootable in the same fashion as its compact disc's counterpart. To make an ISO file bootable, however, you may burn it back onto a CD or DVD through Microsoft Windows Disc Image Burner utility.

Step 1

Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer's CD/DVD drive. Compare the CD/DVD's capacity to that of the ISO image in question to ensure the file fits into the disc.

Step 2

Locate the ISO image file you wish to make bootable. Double-click it to launch Microsoft Windows "Disc Image Burner." If no such program launches, right-click the ISO image, select "Open With" and choose the aforementioned application from the list shown.

Step 3

Choose the CD/DVD drive that holds the blank CD/DVD disc. Enable the option "Verify Disc After Burning" if you wish to inspect the data copied for potential copying errors. Click "Burn" to effectively make the ISO image file bootable by copying it to the disc at hand.