How to Make Announcements in Photoshop

By Daniel Ketchum

Perhaps you want to create wedding announcements. Or, maybe you want to announce your child's high school or college graduation. Creating your announcement in Adobe Photoshop isn't a particularly difficult project to undertake, but you should first familiarize yourself with the program in order to understand how to efficiently use the tools.

Step 1

Determine the theme and design of the announcement. Decide on the information you want to include on your announcement including the text, any photos and graphics, such as clip art, you wish to incorporate. Remember to only use graphics and photos that fall within the public domain. Other information you should include: Names of the persons involved and any details pertaining to the event, such as the location, time and an address to RSVP.

Step 2

Open a “New” document in Photoshop by selecting “File” and then scrolling down to “New.” Set the background for your document (normally a white background is preferable but you may opt to use a transparent setting if it better fits your design). Choose your document's dimensions and plug these numbers into the dialog box. Next, plug in your resolution setting, normally 300 pixels-per-inch is best for printing. Name your document and save it as an PSD file.

Step 3

Bring in any external graphics into Photoshop that you will use in your overall design. You do this by saving your image on your computer and then opening this file within Photoshop. Then click-and-drag it into the main document. Any photo or other graphics you bring in to Photoshop will be automatically placed on its own layer. You will need to create new layers for text and other graphics. Using layers allows more ease in editing the various elements (text, photos and graphics).

Step 4

Type in your text after selecting a font style and size that best fits your type of announcement. Use the “Text” box to position your cursor where you want to begin typing. You can change the size of your text, indent it or make it bold. You can also use the “FX” tool to make a number of adjustments and additions to your text, including adding a drop shadow or “Bevel and Emboss.”

Step 5

Use the various tools available in the program to create your design. You can opt to use, for instance, the “Custom Shape” tool to add preset shapes to your design, such as an award ribbon. Filter tools can add an array of effects to your design, as well as other setting adjustments you can make to enhance your announcements design. Or, you can use layer effects like “Bevel and Emboss” or “Drop Shadow.”

Step 6

Save your final design as an JPEG and choose a printing method. You may opt to print your own announcements or have them printed by a print shop or office supply store.

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