How to Make Arrows in Word 2007

By Erika Dean

If you want to add an arrow to your Word 2007 document, it takes little time to do so. Microsoft Word offers more than 20 arrows you can choose from. This is useful if you are creating a sign that gives directions or if you want a certain section of a Word document to stand out. After you select an arrow to add to Word, you can change the size to suit your preferences.

Step 1

Open the Word document you want to add an arrow to.

Step 2

Click "Insert" and look to the "Illustrations" section of the toolbar. You can insert images, Clip Art and shapes here.

Step 3

Click "Shapes" to view the different shapes you can add to your Word document.

Step 4

Look to the "Block Arrows" section when the Shapes menu opens and search for an arrow you want to use on your Word document. Arrows in different directions are available, including a quad arrow, u-turn arrow and circular arrow.

Step 5

Click an arrow to insert it on your document. A drawing handle that looks like a plus sign (+) will appear on your document.

Step 6

Click the drawing handle on the line you want to insert the arrow or click the drawing handle and drag it down or out to make the arrow bigger.

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