How to Make AT&T My Default

By Kenyonda Bradley

AT&T is a telecommunications company that offers Internet services. If AT&T is your Internet provider, you can change the default home page on your web browser to the AT&T home page. The AT&T home page allows you to customize the content that you see when you log into your account. You can also sign in to your Yahoo! email account directly from the home page and view your messages without having to open another Internet tab.

Step 1

Launch your Internet web browser. Type "" into the address bar and click "Go."

Step 2

Click the link "Make AT& your home page" located at the top of the AT& Web page.

Step 3

Locate the section "Setting your home page is easy." Follow the directions for making AT&T your default homepage for your specific web browser. In addition, you can drag the "AT&T Globe" located in the upper right hand corner and drop it into your web browser address bar to automatically make AT& your Internet home page, if you are using the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser.