How to Make Bullets Transition in PowerPoints

By James T Wood

PowerPoint, the presentation software in Microsoft Office, automatically formats text into bullet points. These bullets can be animated so that the slide transitions from no text to all of the bullets at once, or you can have the bullet points appear individually as you click the mouse button during the presentation. However you choose to transition your bullets in PowerPoint, it's best to not read from the slide while you give a presentation. Rather, direct your attention to the audience and speak from notes in front of you.

Step 1

Click on the "Animations" tab in the Microsoft Office ribbon. This is where the transitions for objects on a slide are located. Click in the text box where the bullets are typed.

Step 2

Click "Add Animation" and then click one of the animation options, for example, "Fade." The animation is automatically formatted so that each top level bullet point will transition in with a click of the mouse.

Step 3

Click the "Effect Options" button to change how the bullets transition. Click "All at Once" or "As One Object" to have all of the bullet points on the slide appear at the same time. Click "By Paragraph" to keep the default settings of having each bullet transition with a mouse click.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can add the animation effect of an exit so that a bullet transitions out of the slide after you're done with it. From the "Add Animation" button, the entrance effects are green, emphasis effects yellow and exit effects red.