How to Make Different Symbols with the Alt Key

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Windows PCs are capable of producing many more signs, symbols and letters than those that appear on the typical PC keyboard. However, due to keyboard size restraints, you'll have to use Windows Alt codes to create these symbols. Alt codes are entered by pushing a series of numbers while holding down the "Alt" key.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Alt" key on your keyboard. This is located next to the space bar. Hold the button down while typing the commands to create the various symbols. While holding the Alt key down, use the right-side number pad, rather than the number bar above the keyboard, to create the symbols.

Step 2

Type "3" to create a heart symbol.

Step 3

Type "1" to create a light smiley face; type "2" to create a dark smiley face.

Step 4

Type "5" to create a spade symbol.

Step 5

Type "11" to create a female symbol. Type "12" to create a male symbol.

Step 6

Type "0169" to create a "Copyright" symbol. Type "169" to create a "Registered" symbol. Type "0153" to create a "Trademark" symbol.

Step 7

Type "13" to create a single music note. Type "14" to create a double music note.

Step 8

Type "15" to create a sun symbol.

Step 9

Type "156" to create the British Pound symbol. Type "0128" to create the Euro symbol. Type "157" to create the Japanese Yen symbol.