How to Make Different Text Animals

By Robert Preston

Text messaging on a cell phone allows two individuals to communicate with short, text-only correspondence. ASCII art uses the ASCII symbols to create pictures across one or more rows; however, for text message ASCII images all pictures created must be across one single line of text, as some phones do not allow for line breaks in text messages. Despite the limitations of text-messaging ASCII art, it is still easy to create a variety of animals, both real and imaginary.

Step 1

Send a penguin to your friends by entering: ('')>

Step 2

Create a fish in a text and adjust its length by adding or removing open-parenthesis, by entering: ><(((('>

Step 3

Draw a cat in your text message by sending your friend:=^_^=

Step 4

Insert a spider into the text using slashes and lowercase O's:///\oo/\\\

Step 5

Create a snail in a message with the help of an at-symbol:__@/"

Step 6

Make a worm that is crawling along with this set of characters:_/\,

Step 7

Draw the waves of the ocean, with a shark fin pointing out of them:~~~~~~^~~~~~

Step 8

Create a snorlax for a friend who likes Pokemon:(^-____-^)