How to Make DSL Faster

By Soren Bagley

High-speed Internet isn't always as high speed as we'd like it to be. For this reason you may still want to increase your Internet connection speed even if you have a DSL modem. Luckily, there are a number of software programs that are designed to do this. A little bit of download time now for one of these DSL tweaking programs can save you hours of waiting for downloads in the future.

Step 1

Test your DSL speed. To do this go to (see resources below). On the homepage of the website, you will see a map. Click on your location and the website will do the rest.

Step 2

Write down the speed at which the website clocks your computer. This will allow you to see exactly how much your Internet speed has increased once you are finished.

Step 3

Download the DSL tweaking software. Go to and click on "download software" from the homepage.

Step 4

Choose the location that you want to download from.

Step 5

Save the file on your hard drive in a place where you will be able to find it later.

Step 6

Extract the file. To do this you will need Winzip. If you do not have Winzip on your computer, you can download a free trial version (see resources). Once you have Winzip, right-click on the file and select "extract."

Step 7

Install the program. Open the extracted program, follow the on-screen prompts and read and accept the terms of service. Click "finish" when you are done.

Step 8

Open the program "DSL speed."

Step 9

Select "process" from the window that pops up, then select "advance optimize."

Step 10

Select "process" again.

Step 11

Close the window and restart your computer.

Step 12

Return to and see how much faster your dsl is.