How to Make Employee Check Stubs

By Adam Benjamin

Making a check stub form on the computer keeps regular payroll work timely and simple. You can use one form for all your employees. Handwriting is not needed. Each time you pay an employee on your payroll, just complete their form and print.

Things You'll Need

  • Payroll information on earnings and withholdings
  • Word processing program with templates
  • Printer

Step 1

Open a receipt template in your word processor. Without a template designed specifically for check stubs, the receipt template works for a pay record. In Microsoft Word, you can open a receipt template from the new document menu. Download the template from Microsoft online if you do not have one on your computer. If you prefer to design your own for the right look and all your information, then open a new template, design a check stub, and save.

Step 2

Type the company and employee names, and the check number. Place the company's name and location in the payer's box. The payee's name and address information goes in the payee's box. The space for check numbers is in the top right box.

Step 3

Type the date and check description. The form has a date box for the date. In the description box, write out the check description with a breakdown of the payment and the withholdings. List the pay types for the period with the appropriate amounts, such as regular earnings, vacation pay and overtime pay. For each amount, tell the employee the rate of pay and number of hours worked. You can list two withholding types. Withholdings agreed between the company and employee describe the amounts for savings, investment or retirement plans. Mandatory federal, state and local taxes lists the income taxes, Social Security, Medicaid, FICA, FUTA, transportation tax and unemployment insurance.

Step 4

Total the net earnings for the payroll check. Total the gross pay for the period, minus the agreed withheld amounts. Enter this amount in the subtotal box. In the tax box, enter the total for all federal, state and local mandatory withholdings for taxation. Subtract tax from the subtotal. Enter the net pay in the total box.

Step 5

Print the check stub, and give the stub to your employee for their records.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you prefer Microsoft Excel for payroll printing, Microsoft Office offers a pay stub template on their online site. You can use the form to both calculate the numbers and print the stub.