How to Make Facebook Events Private

By Lara Webster

Private Facebook events allow you to create invitations to more intimate affairs than public events afford. Private events do not show up in the search results of anyone not invited; likewise, stories about the event are not visible in the news feed to people who have not been invited. Only people you specifically invite to your private event can RSVP. If you create a public event and then change your mind, you can make it private.

Step 1

Point your browser to your Facebook home page.

Step 2

Click your mouse inside the "What's the event?" field in the "Upcoming Events" section, located in the right column of the home page. Type a name for your event.

Step 3

Fill out the time, date and invitee fields.

Step 4

Click on the gray icon with the image of a lock on it at the bottom of the form. Click on "Private." Click "Create Event."

Step 5

Make an existing event private by clicking on the event page and then "Edit Event." Uncheck the box next to "Anyone can view and RSVP" to make the event private. Click "Save Event."