How to Make Faces With Text Message Symbols

By LaTasha Rogers

Unless you are the owner of a smartphone, your phone may not have the option to insert smiley face emoticons. Many cell phone users use emoticons to express how they are feeling when sending text messages to friends and family. Fortunately, you can join in on the expressions by using a series of symbols to create different emoticons from your cell phone to your recipient's cell phone. The emoticons will appear as they normally would on a smartphone.

Step 1

Type a colon ":" and a lowercase "p" to create a smiley face that is sticking its tongue out. Press "Enter" or "Send" to send this emoticon to your recipient.

Step 2

Type a semicolon ";" along with a right parenthesis ")" in the body of the text message. Press "Send" or "Enter." This emoticon will appear as a winking smiley face.

Step 3

Type a colon ":" followed by a right parenthesis ")". This will appear as a regular smiley face emoticon.