How to Make Flash Cards on Microsoft Word

By Filonia LeChat

Whether you're studying for an exam, rehearsing lines for a play or trying to bone up on corporate details for an interview, a portable way to test yourself periodically is with flash cards. Also called study cards (or sometimes index cards) flash cards have a prompt or question on one side and an answer or related information on the other. With Microsoft Word, you can make flash cards in a flash.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word, which automatically defaults a blank 8.5 inch-by-11 inch page on the screen. Change the page size by clicking "Page Layout" at the top of the screen and clicking the "Size" button directly below it. Select from a Word preset, such as 4 inches by 6 inches. Word automatically adjusts the page size.

Step 2

Type the flash card question or prompt, such as "Which cat breed originally served as mousers on sailing ships but is now a common house cat which can grow up to 26 pounds or more?"

Step 3

Highlight the text and click "Home" at the top of the screen. Use the options in the"Font section of the toolbar/ribbon below it to increase text size until the text fills the page, making it easy to read. Change the font and text color as desired.

Step 4

Press "Ctrl" and "Enter" simultaneously on the keyboard to add a page break and new blank flash card to the document.

Step 5

Type the answer or response, such as "the Maine Coon breed." Highlight the text and make adjustments to its appearance with the Font controls.

Step 6

Click "File," then click "Print" to print the two flash card pages. (Optional: Cut the pages to fit an index card or other piece of cardboard and glue one page to either size, to reinforce it against crumpling or tearing.)