How to Make Font Larger on a Mac

By Aurelio Locsin

Macintosh innovations have proved so useful over the years that other systems have copied many of its popular features. You can customize the background with pictures of your family or sports team, manually drag icons around to arrange them, and add icons to your favorite documents and programs for one-click access. You can even increase the size of text through font or screen-resolution adjustments if desktop characters seem too small for easy reading.


Step 1

Click the "View" menu and choose "Show View Options" to display its dialog box.

Step 2

Choose a larger number under "Text Size."

Step 3

Close the dialog box to save your changes. The fonts adjust to the new size.

Screen Resolution

Step 1

Click the "Apple" menu to change the screen resolution. Choose "System Preferences" to open its dialog box.

Step 2

Click "Displays" under "Personal."

Step 3

Click a lower resolution (higher on the list) in the "Resolutions" list. For example, if your current resolution is "1280 x 960," choose "1024 x 768." Lowering the resolution increases the font size; however, it decreases the desktop space for windows and icons.

Step 4

Close the dialog box to save your changes and the screen adjusts to your new resolution.

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