How to Make Funny Picture Text Messages

By Riz Khan

Send funny picture messages via your cell phone to your friends and peers to bring smiles to their faces. Also collect themed funny pictures for different occasions, such as birthdays, reunions, Christmas and others. A number of websites on the Internet offer funny images for cell phones.

Step 1

Visit a website that offers a collection of funny pictures. Some of these websites include Deviant Art, Funny Junk and Mobile 9.

Step 2

Look for funny images in the MMS image collection provided on these websites.

Step 3

Select the images you want to download, press the right mouse button and click the "Save Image As..." option. Specify the folder on your PC where you want to store these images.

Step 4

Connect your cell phone to your computer using a USB data cable. On your computer, open the "Start" menu and select "Computer." Your phone's memory folders will be displayed in "Computer." Drag and drop the image collection that you saved on your PC in the previous step to the "Images" or "Pictures" folder of your phone's memory. Unplug the USB data cable after the files are transferred.

Step 5

Compose a funny picture text message. Press the "Menu" button on your phone and select "Messaging," then "Message."

Step 6

Enter the cell phone number of the recipient in the "To" field.

Step 7

Type any text that you want to send in your picture message into the text field given below the "To" field.

Step 8

Press the "Options" key and select "Insert content." Select "Insert image" from the list of options given. Besides images, you also get the option to add a video clip, sound clip or any other file in the message.

Step 9

Select the image you want to send from the "Image" or "Picture" gallery of your cell phone. Your funny picture message is now ready to be delivered.

Step 10

Press the "Options" key and select the "Send" option to deliver your message.