How to Make Halloween Emoticons

By Steven Diggs, Jr.

Emoticons are used in text and online messages to convey some kind of emotion or to show off your artistic skills. You can even make emoticons for holidays and celebrations like Halloween, the time of year when children and adults dress up as celebrities, mystical people and scary monsters. These can be created in text form with emoticons.

Step 1

Type in ":-F" for a bucktoothed vampire with one missing tooth.

Step 2

Insert ">^,,^< " to make a cat.

Step 3

Type in ">:-l" for Klingons, the warlike alien race from the "Star Trek" series.

Step 4

Tap in "([(" to make the representation of RoboCop, the cyborg policeman from the "RoboCop" series.

Step 5

Make a vampire by typing ":-[."

Step 6

Create a bucktooth vampire with ":-E."

Step 7

Create an Elvis emoticon by typing in "5:-)."

Step 8

Design a Homer Simpson, the father from "The Simpsons" television series, by typing in "(_8^(|)." Create Homer's wife, Marge, with "@@@@:-)."

Step 9

Build a robot emoticon with "[:]."

Step 10

Make a wizard with "8<:-) ."

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