How to Make Heart Symbols on Facebook

By Caroline Jackson

Give your Facebook status some flair by using symbols rather than -- or in addition to -- words. If you've seen cute little hearts in updates and comments from your friends, you may wonder how to create them yourself. You need no special programs or photos. You will only need your keyboard, the right keystrokes and a few seconds of your time.

Step 1

Type "<3" -- without the quotation marks -- in the status or comment box. Press "Enter." When you publish your update, Facebook converts your text to a heart symbol.

Step 2

Turn on "Number Lock." Press "Alt" and the "3" key on your keyboard's number pad at the same time. Release the keys to insert a heart symbol.

Step 3

Type "♥" as a comment or in your Facebook status update field to add a heart symbol. Do not use the quotation marks.

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