How to Make Homemade Labels

By Tricia Goss

Labels can be extremely useful. You can use them to address packages, tag holiday and birthday gifts, organize your spices or other kitchen supplies. This is why it is good to know that if you have Microsoft Word and access to a printer, you can create your own labels. They can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. Once you learn how to make your own, you might never buy labels again.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Printer
  • Label paper

Step 1

Open a new Microsoft Word document. On the Tools menu, point to "Letters and Mailings," and then click on "Envelopes and Labels."

Step 2

Click the "Labels" tab on the Envelopes and Labels dialog box. Click the "Options" button and choose the correct label. The package of label paper you purchase will have a number on it that corresponds with the numbers in the Options list.

Step 3

Type the information you want on your label into the Address field. If you want several of the same label, select the button next to Full Page of the Same Label. If you only want one, select "Single Label," and then choose the column and row you want to print it on.

Step 4

Click the "New Document" button to create a new, separate page showing your label or labels. Add graphics to your labels by inserting a graphic onto the new page before you begin creating your labels. Select the picture by clicking on it. You may need to resize the picture first. Print from here.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you can't see the borders around your labels and you want to, go to the Format menu and click "Borders and Shading." Click "All," then click "OK."

References & Resources