How to Make International Calls From the USA to the UK

By James Green

Making an international call from the United States to the United Kingdom is little different than making a domestic telephone call. By following a few simple steps, connecting with your friends or family in the United Kingdom can be hassle-free. Often, all you need is the international dialing code for the United Kingdom in addition to the dialing procedures for calling overseas.

Step 1

Check the costs for calling the United Kingdom from the USA with your phone service provider. Rates differ by service provider. Many companies offer special deals and packages if you are going to make many calls to the UK.

Step 2

Verify the local time in the United Kingdom before making a call. The UK is in the GMT+0 time zone, so if it is 1:00 PM in New York, it would be 6:00 PM in the UK.

Step 3

Dial 01144 from your phone, followed by the phone number in the UK. If the phone number begins with 0, you must drop the 0 and start with the next number. For example, if you are calling 01224 555 5555, you should dial 01144 1224 555 5555.