How to Make International Calls With a Trac Phone

By Justen Everage

Trac Phone provides a means to call friends and family overseas anytime. There are two ways to make an international call at no extra charge using your Trac Phone. One option Trac Phone offers for international calling is traditional access code calling. In conjunction with international access code calling, Trac Phone also offers an international neighbors service plan. With a few minutes to set up your service, and a Trac Phone with available talk time, you can start placing international calls right away.

Things You'll Need

  • Trac Phone
  • Trac Phone airtime minutes
  • Trac Phone international neighbors service (free)

Step 1

Buy a Trac Phone and airtime minutes to go on it. You only need the regular minutes that you would normally buy, as international calling will use these. International calling deducts the same amount of minutes as nationwide calling currently deducts. You will need to load the minutes with the PIN on your receipt or through Trac Phones website. To load your minutes with your phone's user interface, select "Menu" and "Pre-paid." Scroll up to the add airtime option and enter your PIN. You must be in a service area for your minutes to load.

Step 2

Dial 800-706-3839 from the continental US to place a standard international call using your Trac Phone. If you are calling from Alaska or Hawaii then dial 305-938-5673 instead. Listen to the language prompt, and select your language. Now dial 011 plus the destination country code, plus the destination city code, plus the number you are trying to reach.

Step 3

Sign up for the international neighbors plan on Trac Phones website in order to save money and allow for your contacts to more easily return your call. Go to the website (see Resources) to enter your phone number and serial number. To find the serial number of your phone, remove the battery cover and battery and look behind the battery sits for a number labeled E.S.N. or electronic serial number. After signing up for the international neighbors plan, you will be able to place your call using the method in step 2. The benefit of signing up for the international neighbors plan is that you will receive three additional phone numbers at no extra charge for your foreign contacts to call you on.

Step 4

Write down your new contact numbers, which you will receive via text message if you signed up for the international neighbors plan. Give these numbers to your contacts, so they can call you on your Trac Phone at a lower rate.

Tips & Warnings

  • International calling does not cost any more than your regular national calling on a Trac Phone.
  • You will have to wait 48 hours after activating your phone to place an international call.