How to Make Invitations Using Adobe Photoshop

By Filonia LeChat

Announce your big party or small group gathering in custom style by sending personalized invitations to your intended attendees. Instead of settling for generic store-bought cards, make your own invitations with a graphics software program such as Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop’s software allows for complete design, color and style customization of your invitations. Spend just a few moments clicking through Photoshop’s tools and menus to design an invitation for just about any occasion.

Step 1

Open Photoshop, click the “File” menu and select “New.” Type “Invitation” into the “Name” box and select your invitation dimensions, such as 5 inches-by-7 inches. Pull down the “Color Mode” menu and select “RGB Color.” Pull down the “Background Contents” menu and select “White.” Click “OK” and the Photoshop workspace opens. Click the “View” menu and click “Fit on Screen” to give yourself more room to work.

Step 2

Click the “Type” tool, which looks like a “T” on the “Tools” palette. Choose a font, size and text color from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Position your cursor at the top of the invitation, click and type your greeting, such as “You’re Invited” or “Davida’s Sweet 16!”

Step 3

Reduce the font size, click lower on the invitation and add the important party details, such as the time, location, date, what to wear, theme and how to respond.

Step 4

Double-click the top-left square of the “Color Picker,” the two overlapping colored boxes at the bottom of the “Tools” palette. Select a paint color that goes with the party theme or holiday and click “OK.”

Step 5

Click the “Brush” tool, which looks like a paintbrush on the “Tools” palette. Click the brush button, which is the second from the left on the top toolbar, and select a solid round brush, such as #13. Draw the outline of a design, such as a balloon, cake or holiday icon such as a pumpkin, shamrock or heart.

Step 6

Click the “Paint Bucket” tool, which looks like a tilting paint can on the “Tools” palette, and click inside the drawing to fill it with color. If you don’t see the “Paint Bucket,” right-click the “Gradient” tool, which looks like a rectangle made of shaded lines. These two tools share the same space.

Step 7

Switch back to the “Brush,” choose a new paint color, reduce the brush size and add accents to the drawing.

Step 8

Give the invitation a colorful background by selecting a paint color you haven’t used yet. Click the “Paint Bucket” tool and click the white space of the “Invitation” box, which fills with the color behind your text and drawing.

Step 9

Click the “File” menu, click “Save As” and save the card to your computer.