How to Make Labels From an Excel File

By L.P. Klages

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that can help you create and manage large amounts of data, including names and addresses. Excel comes as part of the Microsoft Office package, which includes PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Excel does not directly print labels: if you want to turn an Excel spreadsheet into labels, you need to use Microsoft Word's mail merge function to import the Excel data into Word and format the labels for printing.

Things You'll Need

  • Excel worksheet with your label data

Step 1

Click the "Mailings" ribbon.

Step 2

Click "Select Recipients" on the Mailings ribbon, in the Start Mail Merge section.

Step 3

Click "Use Existing List." Select the spreadsheet that has your address data in it. Press "OK" to open it.

Step 4

Click "Label"s in the Mailings ribbon, in the Create section.

Step 5

Click "Print" if you want to print the labels. Click "New Document" if you want to view and edit the labels before you print them.

Tips & Warnings

  • To print envelopes instead of labels, click "Envelopes" instead of "Labels" in the Create section of the Mailings ribbon.