How to Make Labels With Excel 2007

By Greg Lindberg

Users can display data with the Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet application by creating a variety of charts and graphs, including pie charts, scatter plots, line graphs and bar graphs. After you create your chart or graph using the data you’ve added to the spreadsheet, you can add labels to express what the data represents. Once you’ve added text for your data labels, you can edit or remove the text at any time if you need to.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Excel 2007

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Excel 2007 application on your computer and then click on the “Microsoft Office” button. Click on the “Open” option.

Step 2

Locate the Excel document that includes the chart to which you want to add labels and then click on the “Open” button.

Step 3

Click on the chart area to bring up the Chart Tools with the “Design,” “Layout” and “Format” tabs. Click on the “Layout” tab and then click on the “Data Labels” option from the “Labels” group.

Step 4

Select the type of labels you want from the list. They will appear according to the type of graph or chart you have. Enter in the text you want for each label that corresponds with the chart.

Step 5

Click on the “Format” tab and then click on the “Format Selection” option from the “Current Selection” group. Click on the “Label Options” button to change any label settings to meet your preferences. Click on the “OK” button to save your changes.

Step 6

Edit any text in a label you’ve created by double-clicking on the label. Press the “Delete” key on your keyboard to remove text and then enter the new text you want to save. Click anywhere outside of the label and it will be saved on the chart.