How to Make Money Online in Data Entry With No Startup Fee

By Leslie Truex

Data entry and typing work are two popular job searches because working at home is desirable to many. The problem is that nearly all the jobs listed as "data entry" or "typing" are scams. Occasionally, however, legitimate on-line data entry jobs do exist. To find them, you must first understand the difference between a real data entry job and scam.

Step 1

Do your homework. The best way to avoid data entry scams is to learn what constitutes a legitimate data entry job. You cannot simply decide you want to do on-line data entry and search for a company. Legitimate on-line data entry jobs are like any other traditional job: You need skills and experience and must first provide a resume or completed application. Any data entry job charging a fee is not a real job. Many of these scammers are clever and will indicate the fee is to cover expenses or to verify you're serious about getting a job. But legitimate employers don't charge fees.

Step 2

Create a professional resume. On-line data entry jobs are competitive, so you need a resume highlighting your skills and experience in this area. It should include your typing speed, and skills and experience in relevant software and equipment. If you have data entry experience in a specific field such as medicine, highlight that as well.

Step 3

Search for jobs only on job search websites. Don't use search engines to find data entry work. However, remain vigilant for scams even on job search websites. Remember, if a job asks for money, it is not a job. Legitimate data entry job announcements will require a skill set and experience and perhaps ownership of the necessary hardware or software.

Step 4

Look for data entry work on free-lance job sites. and other bid-for-work sites list many data entry projects. While these jobs are competitive and often short-term, they can be good sources for gaining skills and experience.

Step 5

Market your data entry skills directly to companies in need. Many are downsizing and need help. Some outsourcing companies need help with overflow work. These are good places to contact.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider expanding your job search to include virtual assistant jobs. These are more prevalent than just data entry and include skills like data entry, transcription, email management and other administrative assistant support tasks.