How to Make Moving Powerpoint Backgrounds

By Diana Braun

Students, trainers, businesses and organizations use Microsoft PowerPoint software to create multimedia presentations. With PowerPoint, users customize presentations with text formatting and images to enhance content. By applying a moving (animated) background to presentations, users can add even more flair and make presentations dynamic and exciting.

Things You'll Need

  • Animated GIF

Step 1

Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and click "View" from the top menu. Select "Master" and then "Slide Master."

Step 2

Click "Insert" from the menu, then select "Movies and Sounds," and "Movie from File." Select your animated GIF file to be used as the background and click "OK." Place the animated GIF on the slide where you want it play.

Step 3

Preview the slide by pressing the "Shift" key + "F5" key. Press the "Esc" key when you are done with the preview.

Tips & Warnings

  • When the animation is applied to the background (Master Slide), it will play on all slides.