How to Make Notecards on Microsoft Word

By Anni Martin

When you need to send out invitations, thank-you letters or notes of appreciation, you don't need to run to the nearest card store. Create your own personalized note cards on Microsoft Word 2007 using templates and your imagination. You will find several styles available in the Office Online template section. You can use one of these note cards as is or you can personalize a card for each recipient by adding graphics or word art.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Internet access

Step 1

Open Microsoft 2007 and click on the "Microsoft Office Button" in the top left of the Ribbon. Click on "New" at the top of the menu. In the New Document dialog box, click on "More Templates" at the very bottom of the left task pane. In the middle task pane, click "Note Cards." The middle task pane changes to show a series of thumbnails for note card templates.

Step 2

Download the note card of your choice by double-clicking on the card thumbnail. You can make any modifications to the note card by clicking and typing text. You can also modify or delete graphics on the card by selecting the graphic to bring up the "Format" tab.

Step 3

Add clip art to your card by clicking on the "Insert" tab and then clicking "Clip Art" in the "Illustrations" group. When the task pane appears to the right of the screen, type an item to search for in the "Search For" field and click "Go." Add the graphic to your note card by double-clicking on the graphic.

Step 4

Click the "Microsoft Office Button" when you are done with your modifications. Click "Save" and give your note card document a name.

Step 5

Click the "Microsoft Office Button" and then "Print" to print out your note card. To print on both sides of a single sheet of paper check the "Manual Duplex" checkbox (see Tips).

Tips & Warnings

  • Templates are not unique to Word 2007. You can use templates with previous versions of Word, although the directions are slightly different (see Resources).
  • If you want to print your note card on both sides of a single sheet of paper, check your printer's instructions to see if it performs automatic or manual duplex printing (some printers can do neither). In automatic duplex printing, the printer turns the page over so it can print to the other side. In manual duplex printing, the computer prompts you once the first page is printed so you can manually turn the page over to print on the other side.