How to Make Raffle Tickets on Microsoft Word

By Carl Hose

Microsoft Word is more than a simple word processor. The templates available in Word, along with text and image tools, allow users to design and create many projects. Raffle tickets, which are used at carnivals, fairs and other gatherings, are one of the many things users can make with Word. The raffle ticket templates in Word make creating raffle tickets easy enough for anyone to design and create with little effort.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word 2007

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word, click the "Start" button and choose the "New" command. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the template categories and select "More Categories." In the main window, click on "Tickets." Select the raffle ticket from the top row of templates that most closely matches the type of raffle ticket you want to make, then click on it to load the template into Word.

Step 2

Edit the Template to meet your needs. To replace a template graphic with your own, click the graphic to select it, then hit the "Delete" key. The template graphic disappears. Go to the "Insert" menu, select the picture or clip art command, then browse to the image you want to place on your ticket. Click the image to add it to your raffle ticket.

Step 3

Modify any template text with your own custom text by clicking the template text to select the text box. Drag your mouse over the text to highlight it, then begin typing your own text. Your text replaces the template text. To change the text font, highlight your text and go to the "Home" menu. Select the font you want to use from the drop-down font menu.

Step 4

Save your raffle tickets, then purchase the appropriate size raffle ticket card stock from an office supply store. The item numbers for Avery brand are listed with the raffle ticket template, but any brand matching the size of your raffle ticket will do.

Tips & Warnings

  • See resources for Word 2007 commands in Word 2003.