How to Make RCA to USB

By Stephen Benham

RCA cables enable audio-video signals to be carried from one device to another by splitting the signal in three: right audio, left audio and video. Each of three color-coded RCA jacks is plugged into a socket on your device. USB cables consist of several wires. One is used for charging items such as cell phones or media players. Others are used to transfer data and one wire is a ground. While it is possible to make your own RCA-to-USB cable, the complexity of wiring a USB connector requires special tools. The best ways to make an RCA-to-USB connection between two devices is to purchase a ready-made cable or a converter.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA-to-USB cable
  • RCA-to-USB converter

RCA-to-USB Ready-made Cable

Step 1

Purchase an RCA-to-USB cable from an electronics store. Push the red RCA jack into the corresponding RCA socket on your device.

Step 2

Push the black (or white) RCA jack into the black (or white) labeled socket. Insert the yellow RCA jack into the yellow socket.

Step 3

Insert the USB connector on the other end of the cable into your other device.

Step 4

Turn on your devices. Your cable will provide a connection between the two devices.

RCA-to-USB Converter

Step 1

Purchase an RCA-to-USB converter from an electronics store. The converter will have a small unit on one end with three RCA sockets. The unit converts RCA to USB and features a USB cable that is permanently attached to the unit and a USB connector at the other end of the wire.

Step 2

Insert the three color-coded RCA jacks that are attached to your RCA cable into the three corresponding sockets in the converter unit.

Step 3

Insert the USB connector attached to the wire that extends from the converter into your device. Turn on both devices and your converter will reconfigure RCA signals into USB data signals.