How to Make Real Money Online for Free

Money does not grow on trees. Any site that promises that you will make money without doing anything is probably lying or will require you to get money out of other people (i.e. you become the scammer). However, all hope is not lost. There are some sites out there that will pay you for the amount of work that you put into it.

Make Real Money Online for Free


The first site where you can make real money online for free is none other than That's right - the site you are looking at right now will pay you for successful how-to articles that you write. Simply sign up as a writer and then sign up for the compensation program.


Another great site where you can make real money online for free is This site is ran by Amazon. Amazon acts as the middle person between people who need jobs done and those looking for online work. Jobs range from blog posts to transcription to trying new sites. (tip: try searing by the amount you would like to be paid to narrow the results)

Step is another real money making website that is free. It has the same concept as mturk above, but focuses more on typing jobs.


Lastly, try making your own website or blog. Once you have created one, you can use Adsense to place ads on it and then you get paid for any clicks on those ads.