How to Make Someone a Moderator on Tinychat

By Neil Edwards

Tinychat is an online chat room directory that makes it easy to create a chat room and invite your friends to join it. By default, you are designated a moderator of any chat room that you create, and you have the power to change the chat room settings and kick users out of the room. You can also grant this power to other Tinychat users so that your chat room is moderated even if you are not in it.

Step 1

Click the "Gear" icon above your chat room, and then click "Moderator Controls."

Step 2

Click "Open Moderation Settings for My Tinychat Profile."

Step 3

Type the username you want to add as a moderator into the text field in the "Moderators" section, and then click the "Add Moderator" button.

Tips & Warnings

  • To remove someone's moderator status, click her username in the "Moderators" section.