How to Make Text Messages Download Faster on a Boost Mobile

By Maya Walker

If there is a delay in receiving your text messages on your Boost Mobile phone, you can perform certain troubleshooting steps to help boost the download of messages. In most instances, when messages are delayed or seem to download slowly, it is the result of a network issue such as your phone not using the nearest cell tower. None of the available options to speed up your phone will affect the phone's data or settings.

Step 1

Open your Boost Mobile's settings and touch “About Phone.” Touch "System Updates,” and then touch “Storage Card Updates.” Touch “Update PRL” and wait for the process to complete. By updating your preferred roaming list, or PRL, you can help your phone to connect to the correct cell tower. When your phone is connected to the nearest tower, messages are downloaded faster.

Step 2

Pull the battery out of your Boost Mobile phone while it is still on. Reinsert the battery after one minute. Doing this soft-resets your phone. Applications on the phone can sometimes cause the phone to process data at a slower pace. When you reset the phone, only applications needed for the phone to work restart.

Step 3

Ensure your phone is within the Boost Mobile network. If the signal strength indicator is fewer than two bars on your phone, move to a different area. The stronger your signal is, the quicker the messages will download to your phone.

Step 4

Update your data profile on your phone if you use a BlackBerry from Boost. Press the "Menu" key and click "Options." Click "Mobile Network" and scroll down to the "Mobile Network" field. Press the "Menu" key and click "Update Data Profile." When it finishes, restart your phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Contact Boost Mobile at 866-402-7366 if text messages continue to slowly download. A network issue may be causing the issue.