How to Make Texting Symbols & Faces

By Foye Robinson

Although text messages help you communicate your thoughts quickly, they often seem impersonal and don't show your true emotions. So, when you send a message, your intentions or mood may be misread. Express your mood by including smiley faces or other types of emoticons with your message. To save time, you can also include built-in symbols with your text. A symbol is a character, such as an asterisk, question mark or dollar sign, that may not be on your keypad.

Step 1

Click the "Messages" button on your phone. Select "Create Message" or "New Message" to create a text message.

Step 2

Use your keypad to enter the recipient's phone number and type in a message.

Step 3

Select the "Options" button. To insert a symbol, choose "Insert Symbol." Punch in the number, letter or key corresponding to the symbol you need, such as a "9" for a backslash symbol or a "6" for an exclamation mark and click "OK." The numbers or letters you must push for certain symbols will vary by phone manufacturers. To insert an emoticon, choose "Insert Emoticon." Scroll through the list of emoticons and select the one you want to use. For example, you can use ":-)" without the quotes to show you're happy or ":-(" to show you're sad.

Step 4

Finish composing your message and click the "Send" button.