How to Make Windows 7 Connect to a HomeGroup With Vista

By Ruri Ranbe

Windows 7 and Windows Vista users can connect to one another over the same network using network discovery. Network discovery allows users in the same homegroup to access each other's files and network devices. To enable Windows 7 to connect to Windows Vista, assign a homegroup name to the network and configure the network settings in the "Network and Sharing Center."

Step 1

Sign on to Windows 7 as an administrator. Click "Start." Right-click "Computer." Click "Properties" to open "System Properties."

Step 2

Choose "Advanced system settings" from the left pane. Click the "Computer Name" tab.

Step 3

Click "Change." Click "Workgroup." Enter a name for the homegroup into the field. Click "OK." Restart the computer.

Step 4

Sign on to the Windows Vista computer. Repeat the same steps as you did for the Windows 7.

Step 5

Click "Start." Right-click "Network." Click "Properties" to open "Network and Sharing Center." Go to "Sharing and Discovery."

Step 6

Expand "Network discovery." Click "Turn on network discovery." Click "Apply."

Step 7

Return to the Windows 7 computer. Click "Start." Right-click "Network." Choose "Properties" from the contextual menu.

Step 8

Click "Change advanced sharing settings." Click "Turn on network discovery." Click "Save changes."

Step 9

Click "Start." Click "Network" to view the computers that are part of the homegroup. Double-click the name assigned to the Vista computer to connect to it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Turn off password protected sharing and turn on file sharing, printer sharing, public folder sharing and media sharing to allow Windows 7 to have access to Windows Vista's files and printing devices.