How to Make Your Font Vertical in Word 2007

By Foye Robinson

Unlike horizontal text, vertical text appears up and down. You'll find vertical text on banners, flyers and tables within a document. Text boxes may be used for new or existing text in Word 2007. By changing the text direction of the contents within a text box, you can flip text so it faces the left or right side on a page. You can apply a font of your choice to the vertical text.

Step 1

Highlight the text you want to format in Word 2007.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab and select "Text Box" and "Draw Text Box" from the "Text" group. The text box will be added to the selected text.

Step 3

Select the "Format" tab from the ribbon. Go to the "Text" group and click the "Text Direction" button until the vertical text faces the correct direction.

Step 4

Click the "Home" tab in the ribbon and go to the "Font" group. Then select a font from the "Font" drop-down list to apply it to the vertical text.