How to Make Your Internet Connection Faster

By Techwalla Contributor

If your internet connection has been slowing you down as of late, try these steps in order to help speed it up.

Step 1

Some websites like to install cookies or save their webpages to your computer for later access. Sometimes, these cookies or saved pages can actually slow down your internet. To clean these off your computer, click on the tools tab and find "internet options." Delete all offline content, and you should hopefully see a marked increase in speed.

Step 2

The next step is to remove spyware and adware that could be slowing down your computer. Find any free spyware program online and install it. Run it once, but make sure that you update the definitions every time you use it. Otherwise, it becomes out of date and doesn't recognize new spyware.

Step 3

If your internet is still really slow, you could try disabiling graphics on your browser and just view the text of webpages. Websites won't look the same, but all the data will still be displayed. Load times will be greatly reduced, but so will visual quality.