How to Make Your Own Animated Movie Online for Free

By Hoot Gibson

Making movies once meant using large sets, film cameras and big budgets. Advances in digital technology have made it possible for entire animated movies to be created with computer technology. In 1999 "Dreamworks Animation" produced "Antz". It was the first animated film and starred actors Woody Allen and Gene Hackman. Today, anyone with a PC can watch and personalize their own animated movies.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital photo

Step 1

Make your own from scratch with computer software. Do a search for "free animation programs" and you will find many software products which can be downloaded at no cost. Some are free trials with unlimited use for a specified time period. Others are freeware programs which can be used as long as one likes. While technical support is usually limited or nonexistent, the programs can work very well.

Step 2

Create a movie using previously created animated actors. For folks who would rather not learn new software there are websites where the actors already exist but you can type in your own script to have them say anything. Political figures, television stars and popular athletes are not off limits with these text to movie animation sites.

Step 3

Star in your own movie. Many free websites have characters without faces who act out entire short movies. A person simply uploads a digital photo of himself and crops his face onto the animated actor. These personalized movies can then be saved or emailed to friends and family.

Tips & Warnings

  • Have a good antivirus program when downloading free software.
  • Free software may contain viruses.

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