How to Make Your Own Location in Facebook Places

By Adrian Grahams

The Facebook Places feature is part of the Facebook Mobile application for smartphones and mobile devices. Facebook Places uses cell networks and GPS satellite data to locate and track the position of the device on an interactive map. You can check in to places near your location on the Facebook Places map or create your own check-in location. Once you have checked in, Facebook publishes the location on your Facebook Wall and in your news feed and allows you to tag the friends who are with you.

Step 1

Launch Facebook Mobile on your mobile device or phone. Tap the "Places" icon on the main menu.

Step 2

Select "Check In" from the top navigation menu. This opens the Nearby page that contains a list of local check-in locations. Locations can include stores, coffee shops, bars, theaters, restaurants, hotels or any commercial business or leisure venue.

Step 3

Tap or click inside the "Find or Add a Place" input box at the top of the page. Enter a location name into the input box and then click "Add."

Step 4

Type a brief description for the new location into the "Description" field under the location name. Skip this step if you do not want to add a description to the location name.

Step 5

Tap or click the "Add" button in the top menu bar. This creates the new check-in location in Facebook Places. Select "Check In" to check into the newly created location and share this information with your Facebook friends.

Tips & Warnings

  • Each time you check-in at a new location, Facebook Places prompts you to write a description of your activity and tag the friends in your group. This is optional, so either enter the information into the relevant input boxes or tap "Check In" to skip this step.