How to Mass Email Using Gmail

By Elizabeth Chaplin

Google Gmail is a free email service that prides itself on its ever-increasing storage space for each account. Gmail blocks spam before it ever enters your inbox, allows you to search through your mail and has a built-in chat that allows for text, voice or video. Gmail, however, does have a daily limit on how much information you can send. This is a spam-blocking feature that will disable Gmail temporarily if an unusual amount of email is sent. Follow Gmail guidelines when sending bulk emails.

Step 1

Click on the link titled "Contacts" in your Gmail account. Select "All Contacts" from the list to view all of your contacts. At the top of the contacts list panel, click "Select All," or click on the boxes next to each contact you will send the mass email to. Choose no more than 500 contacts at one time from the same Internet protocol address.

Step 2

Make sure all of your contacts asked to receive your bulk email messages, either through subscribing to your website or blog, or emailing you for a subscription. Only send emails to recipients whose email addresses are current and working. Emails that regularly bounce back information are broken or no longer in use.

Step 3

Click the "Email" link underneath the "Contacts Selected" title, which shows the number of contacts you have selected, in the right panel. A new email composition will appear.

Step 4

Enter a subject line that is relevant to the content of the email, and not misleading in any way. Trying to hide the true person, Web page or blog that sent the email may result in a failed delivery.

Step 5

Enter the body of the email, including a link that allows recipients to unsubscribe from the email messages. The link must go to a Web page confirming the recipient's request. Or the recipient must be able to reply to the message, asking to unsubscribe.

Step 6

Click the "Send" button once you're done composing your mass email.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use the same IP address and the same email address in the "From:" section with every mass email sent.
  • Send only 100 emails at one time if you are using a post-office protocol (POP) or Internet message access protocol (IMAP) client, such as Microsoft Outlook, to access Gmail. Sending more than this will result in an error message.