How to Maximize the Screen on a Mac Computer

By Shannon Cotton

When you make the switch from a PC to a Mac, you will find that some of the basic tasks that you are accustomed to performing on a PC must be done a little differently on your Mac. You may click in the upper right corner of the screen to close, minimize or maximize a window without giving it much thought, but the buttons you need to accomplish these tasks are in a completely different location on a Mac.

Step 1

Locate the three round buttons in the top left corner of the window. The red button closes a window, the yellow button minimizes the window and the green button maximizes the window.

Step 2

Click the green button once to maximize your screen.

Step 3

Click the extreme lower right corner of a window and drag it until it is the desired size if the maximize button does not enlarge the window enough. Unlike the maximize button on a PC, the maximize button on your Mac will not enlarge a window to make it fill up the full screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click the green button again to reduce the window to its previous size, and click the yellow button to minimize the window to the dock.

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