How to Memorize the Keyboard

By Whitney Coy

In this high-tech world, it's hard to get by without knowing how to type. A computer is required to accomplish many day-to-day tasks. While the hunt and peck method of typing will get you through, you'll meet your goals faster if you work on perfecting your typing skills. The first step toward learning this important skill is memorizing the keys of the keyboard. It's a lot to learn, but once you've figured it out, you'll be glad you learned.

Step 1

Spend some time looking at the keyboard. Get familiar with the layout and try to remember where as many of the keys are as you can.

Step 2

Close your eyes and try to name each key in order, one row at a time.

Step 3

Print out or draw a picture of a blank keyboard. Try to fill in as many keys as you can. You can also use small pieces of paper to cover the letters on your keyboard and try to guess which letter is under each piece of paper.

Step 4

Type out the alphabet. This will ensure you locate each key. Repeat this several times, until you can do it without pausing to find a key.

Step 5

Think of the words to a favorite song or quote and type them out several times, until you can do it without looking at the keys.

Step 6

Open a book or magazine to any page and type the words you see, without looking at the keyboard or the screen. Once you've completed a paragraph or two, stop to see how well you've done. Keep going until you type a perfect page.