How to Merge PDF Files to Create One File

By K.C. Winslow

Creating a PDF document may involve merging two or more separate PDFs into one. Just as you must use certain programs to create PDF files, you need to choose from available programs in order to merge PDF files. When selecting a program to merge your PDF files, you should consider your operating system and your overall PDF-editing needs.

Step 1

Merge PDF documents for free at (see Resources). This service combines PDFs into a single document after you upload the files to the site. This service limits the number of files you can combine to 10 and has a size limit of 5Mb for the individual files. may be used with any computer operating system.

Step 2

Use Preview to merge PDF files if you are on the Mac OS X operating system. Preview is a free application included in Mac OS X. It is an image-viewer with basic PDF-editing features. In OS X 10.5 and above, you have the option of merging PDFs in Preview. Open the PDFs you want to merge, activate the “Sidebar” in the “View” menu and drag the thumbnail page or pages from one PDF to the other.

Step 3

Purchase, download and install CutePDF Professional to merge PDF files into a single document (see Resources). A full-featured PDF-editor, CutePDF Professional shares many features with the more-expensive application Adobe Acrobat. CutePDF Professional is a Windows PC application.