How to Merge Several PowerPoint Presentations Into One

By Meg North

You can merge multiple Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into one file, integrating the slides from both presentations. The Slide Finder dialog box within Microsoft PowerPoint can insert slides from one presentation to another in the order you want. Merge as many presentations as you want into one large presentation. Once the slides are merged, you can arrange the presentation in your preferred order. The latest version is Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Step 1

Click "Start," and click "All Programs." Click "PowerPoint" to open the program.

Step 2

Click "File," and click "Open." Select the PowerPoint presentation where you want all of the slides to be merged.

Step 3

Click "Insert," and click "Slides From File" on the menu.

Step 4

Click "Browse." Select the PowerPoint presentation slides to be merged. Click on the slides to merge.

Step 5

Click the checkbox next to "Keep source formatting." Click "Insert" to insert the slides you selected, or click "Insert All" to merge all the slides.

Step 6

Click "Insert," and click "Slides From File." Click "Browse" and select another PowerPoint presentation to merge. Repeat the steps to insert the slides with as many presentations as you want.

Step 7

Arrange the slides in the order you want.