How to Mirror an Image in Word 2007

By Irene A. Blake

A mirror, or “reflected,” image is an identical copy of an image, but reversed as if seen in a mirror. This type of image can be eye-catching, and enhance the information you're providing. Microsoft Word 2007 provides a wide variety of desktop publishing, photo editing and graphic design tools, including the ability to mirror an image in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Whether you need mirror-image designs for business or personal use, Word 2007 makes the process relatively easy.

Step 1

Click the “Insert” tab on the tools ribbon, and then choose an object to insert. With Word, you can insert a picture, clip art or shapes in the Illustrations section or WordArt in the Text section. When inserting a picture, choose one from your drive and click the "Insert" button from the Insert Picture window. Insert clip art by clicking the thumbnail in the Clip Art menu. Insert WordArt by clicking the thumbnail in the WordArt drop-down menu.

Step 2

Edit and enhance your image using the tools available from the Format tab. Although you can edit your images, both original and the copy, after you mirror the original image, this increases the chance of making a mistake. You may leave one image slightly different than the other, ruining your mirror image design.

Step 3

Position the image on your document and press "Ctrl-C" to make a copy.

Step 4

Paste the image using "Ctrl-V."

Step 5

Select the image, and then in the Arrange section under either the Format, Picture Tools, WordArt or Drawing Tools tabs, click the "Rotate" icon. Then select "Flip Vertical" or "Flip Horizontal" on the drop-down menu to create your mirror image.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not see the Format tab, check that you selected the image.