How to Mount Sound Bars on TVs

By David Lipscomb

Soundbars are home theater speakers, designed to simplify the setup of a simulated multichannel experience. Although they are marketed at individuals desiring a setup that does not necessarily offer the best sound quality, installed correctly, they can offer a compelling audio experience. Mounting the soundbar under the television is a process addressed by the manufacturers of the devices, making the installation easier. The hardware is often included or sold for the soundbar, meaning that all that is required are simple household tools, and any specialized tools included in the package.

Things You'll Need

  • Soundbar
  • TV mounting bracket
  • Drill
  • Phillips bit insert
  • 6 1-inch wood screws

Step 1

Place the bracket under the mounted television. Screw the bracket to the wall with the drill, Phillips bit and six wood screws. If the bracket is properly aligned with the set, the screws will seat into the same studs as the television's mounting bolts.

Step 2

Insert the four set screws in the top and bottom of the bracket, so the tip is flush with the inside of the bracket.

Step 3

Slide the soundbar into the mount, placing the mounting tabs into the receiving tabs on the mount.

Step 4

Tighten the set screws on the top and bottom of the bracket, using the Phillips bit and drill set to slow.